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We are a photo and film husband-wife duo dedicated to creatively telling your love story! And I’m not kidding we love absolutely every minute of it! Our style is natural, clean and modern with some creative style. Canon and I want nothing more than to document your special day as it naturally unfolds, capturing all the love and laughter. We thrive on candid moments mixed with some traditional shots.

We’ve been in the wedding biz for 4 years now and it is only just the beginning! When we aren’t shooting a wedding you can catch us cuddled up watching a movie eating Taco Bell, or playing with our dog child. I cant even begin to explain the love we have for traveling, food and family. We put that same love into our work as well and you get nothing but our 110% effort.

Our Philosophy

Only A little bit of us, and a whole lot of you!

We are available for your day regardless of the size, style or location. We just want to be a part of your special day however that looks!!!

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“this experience is a way of freezing a moment, a feeling, and being able to relive it time and time again.”